5 Reasons to Invest a Single-Serve Blender

For a health-conscious person, would it be nice to have a personal blender that allows you to make a smoothie that you can consume?

Of course, you can drink the remaining smoothie or protein shake later, but don’t try to hide it that sometimes you forget that you still have leftover from the previous shake or smoothie that you made earlier. Fortunately, there are single-serving blenders that allow you to make fruit or vegetable smoothies, protein shakes, and more, for one serving only.

What is a Single-Serve Blender?

Unlike the usual blender, single-serve blenders are designed with smaller capacity; typically, from 14 – 24 ounces. These single-serve blenders are also called personal blenders that may have engineered with its motor ranging from 300 – 1000 watts.

Is it worth it to invest a single-serve blender?

If you are asking ‘why bother buying a single-serve blender if you already have a full-sized model blender?’ To answer that, here are the top reasons why you also need a single-serve blender at home too.

Reason #1: Convenient

The very reason why single-serve blenders were designed was for convenience. These personal blenders will allow you to blend ingredients that are one-time consumable; you do not have to worry about the leftover or think about the measurements – ‘how many cups of this and that?’ or ‘how many slices of fruits or vegetables you need?’ Since it’s a single-serve blender, you just need a few ingredients and that’s it.

Plus, most of these blenders are designed as on-the-go, where you can make a single serving blend of smoothie or shake, remove the container cup from its blender base, put on the lid, and you can bring the container with you, anywhere you go.

Very convenient!

Reason #2: Less cleaning

A single-serve blender is designed with an on the go container cup; this means, you do not have to clean a separate cup, the large blender pitcher, another pitcher, and few dishes to wash that you have used for food preparation. All you need to do is clean up that one small on-the-go cup or container, and a few kitchen tools.

Reason #3: Saves up space

Single-serve blenders are designed small, which means, it saves up some space on your counter-tops or your kitchen cupboards.

Reason #4: It is less expensive

Single-serve blenders have fewer features and are smaller than the regular blenders, which are a few reasons why these small blenders are reasonably inexpensive than the regular-sized blenders.

Reason #5: Fast to blend

Again, with single-serve blender, everything is much easier; you don’t have to waste too much time to prepare the blender because it is easy to assemble and easy to use. All you need to do is put in your ingredients, blend it in, remove the container or blender cup from its base, get the cover, and you can take it anywhere, just like as it should be – and on-the-go blender. Find the perfect single serving blender for smoothies.

Here are a few best single-serve blenders this year that you should consider:

  • AICOK Personal Smoothie Blender
  • Hamilton Beach Personal Smoothie Blender
  • Keyton Personal Blender

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