Healthy Tips on How to Deal with Toxic People

Everyone in their life will meet people who will make them feel at their worst – it could be a manipulative member of the family, a so-called “friend”, classmate, co-worker, and even your neighbor – these people are often labeled as “toxic people”.

Here’s the thing, you can never eliminate some of these toxic individuals out of your life, which is unfortunate, especially if it is one of your family members or your co-worker. So, there are things to take into account; and these things include how to deal with them most healthily.

Tip #1: Know who they are

There are moments that what you think is you are dealing with a toxic situation, is a problem caused by toxic people. These people are the epitome of camouflage; they know how to hide their true nature. You may find them very kind and understanding, but in reality, they are stabbing you at the back.

Here are a few traits of a toxic person:

  • They show nervous energy
  • They are constantly complaining
  • They show dependency towards you
  • They like to criticize you and will aim your weakness everywhere
  • They show negativity
  • They abuse you emotionally and in worst cases physically
  • They tend to create drama and conflict
  • They are self-centered
  • They are dishonest
  • Shows difficulty in offering compassion to others

Sound familiar? If they are, you should be prepared.

Tip #2: Know who you are

Toxic people will drag you down mostly because of jealousy. You may be the most understanding, honest, hard-working, friendly, loyal, and generous in the world, but in their eyes, you are a liar, slacker, unfair, and ungrateful in their world. This behavior is known as projection; what they see is in others are their behavior that they do not want to acknowledge.

For that reason, toxic people will instill ideas on you that you are unworthy, useless, and not good enough. So, to deal with it, you should stand for who you are. If you know that you are doing a good job, then that is you. Do not believe in what these people will say against you. However, you should know the difference between constructive criticism and dragging you down.

Tip #3: Know your boundaries

If you think and feel that you have done your very best; then, that is your best. However, toxic people will make you feel you are worthless. They will try to make you feel dragged and go beyond your boundaries, which will make you mentally and emotionally exhausted.

There is nothing wrong with breaking down your inhibitions or going outside of the box; however, if it is taking a toll on you, you have to stop and realize your boundaries.

Tip #4: Always be humble

Everyone is messy; everyone has flaws.

So, always stay positive and be humble.

If these toxic people cannot bring positivity into the room, be positive. Do not allow these people to feel overpowered. Instead, try to make them see reality most positively. However, if they decline to do so, don’t make them and move one.

No matter how hard it is to deal with toxic people, work hard, be humble, and stay positive.

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