How to Backup Photos on Your Phone or Computer?

Gone are the days where you have to develop photos from a film before you get to see your shots. In this modern age, you have digital cameras and you can store as many photos as you like.

Although there are a lot of advantages that this technology has to bring in our lives, it can still have a few disadvantages.

One of them is you can lose all your files and photos in a blink of an eye. You can either accidentally delete it or it can be due to hard drive failure.

Whatever the reason may be, no one would want that to happen. With that said, we have compiled here several ways that you can create a backup for your favorite photos.

  1. Print them out

Well, this can be one of the obvious ways to preserve your photos – to print them! At least, you’ll still have a hard copy if technology fails.

We understand that printing photos is so 90s but you can’t deny the fact that doing so might come in handy. You wouldn’t want to put all those wonderful memories to waste, do you?

If ever you lost all your files, you can just scan your printed out the photo and voila! You still have a copy. It’s as easy as that.

  • Backup photos on cloud photo services

There are a lot of cloud photo services that you can find online like ThisLife, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Picturelife. Those services can help you in easily backing up all your photos from your iOS or Android devices.

As a result, you can experience an extra layer of security that you’ll surely enjoy. Since your photos are on the cloud, you can edit them anywhere and on any device.

Choose one that you really like but do not forget to back up your photos on other free cloud services just in case. Two is always better than one!

  • Archive photos in the cloud

Are you not a fan of backing up photos on various online storage services?

Well, you can always sync it to the cloud. Set it up so you won’t forget about it. There are a lot of services that you can choose from that you can access for a reasonable price. You might need to pay a fee but it’ll be worth it.

  • Save photos to an external drive

When you hear the phrase “external drive”, what comes in your mind? Do you also think of the standalone SATA hard drive that you can connect to your computer via a USB cable?

That can be a good way to back up your files but sometimes it can also fail. We recommend that you use Solid State Drives or SSDs because they are more stable. It can be more expensive than the SATA but it’s more effective in storing your files.

However, if you’re too late to do any of those and your photos are already gone, you can always check out ways how to retrieve deleted photos.

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