Kitchen Supreme French Press Coffeemaker: Is it Worth it?

One of the most recommended French press coffeemakers today is the Kitchen Supreme French press; designed, not only to make a good French press coffee, but also espresso, hot chocolate, and even tea.

It is a plastic-free French press coffee maker with a size of 7.1 x 6.1 x 11.4 inches and weighs at about 1.8 lbs. It is bundled with 1 liter of espresso, tea, and coffee maker (approximately 4 coffee mugs or 8 small coffee cups), 1unique thick stainless steel spoon, a coffee/ tea scoop, 4 level of filtration system that prevents all coffee grounds or sediments into the coffee, and a hard copy of Barista’s recipe manual.

What to love about Kitchen Supreme’s French press coffee maker is its overall design. The French press coffee maker is constructed with an ENCAPSULATED double stainless-steel lid – the only coffee maker in the market today with this kind of lid. Having this feature, you know that:

  • The fully-sealed lid will trap all the right aromas of a good coffee; all you need to do is just slightly twist the lid.
  • It reduces the risk of getting scalded, while the coffee maker is keeping the right high temperature of the coffee.
  • It is guaranteed that the coffee maker doesn’t have plastic.

Another feature that makes the coffee maker one of the best is its FILTRATION SYSTEM. The Kitchen Supreme French press coffeemaker is the only coffee maker in the market today that has 4 filter screens.

Kitchen Supreme, a reliable brand since 2013, had imagined a coffee that has satiny and delicate texture; thus, adding a few more filter screens was one of their best moves. The double density of the 4 filter screens guarantees that the coffee grounds won’t be able to pass through and into the coffee, giving the coffee a definition of smooth coffee. Make morning better with Kitchen Supreme’s French press today.

The next feature that Kitchen Supreme is proud of with their French press coffee maker is how the coffee maker was well-constructed with GERMAN BOROSILICATE GLASS – a thick and well-crafted DOUBLE GLASS that is guaranteed Thermal Shock-Resistant and extremely DURABLE. This means the French press coffee maker is unlikely to break, even if you need a little more time for the steeping process, unlike other French press coffee maker that instantly shatters from high temperature and or from simple collisions.

So, is the Kitchen Supreme French Press worth-it?

If you go through all its features, you’ll find it hard not to like the French press coffee maker – a well-rounded coffee maker that allows you to make other hot and cold beverages, extremely DURABLE, well-constructed with encapsulated stainless steel lid that traps all the best coffee aromas, has 4 filter screens that provide pure and smooth coffee, and has 3-year replacement guarantee.

So, is it worth it? Definitely!

Kitchen Supreme French Press coffee maker is a good investment for everyone to consider, especially for coffee lovers; you can make your own expensive café-like French press coffee.

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