Newbie’s Guide on How to Wear Wingtip Dress Shoes

Oxford shoes are the most popular formal footwear for men. Most men choose Oxford due to its durability, and sleek design. If you need a pair of functional but aesthetic dress shoes, you must consider this option. 

If you had never bought Oxford shoes before, know that it comes in different types. Each version of this footwear has a unique design and uses. For example, a plain-toe Oxford shoe is ideal for black-tie events. Wearing such shoes on a casual outing will make you look overdressed. 

If you are searching for something casual but suitable for less formal gatherings, the Wingtip Oxford Shoe is a good choice. 

What is a Wingtip Oxford Shoe? 

Know that this oxford wingtip shoe has an intricate design that is perfect for smart-casual wear. It features a decorative M-shaped design that resembles a wingtip, which extends from the toe cap to the side of the shoes; hence, the reason for its name. 

A good rule of thumb when searching for a pair of dress shoes to buy is that, less decorative means for formal use. Meanwhile, dress shoes with intricate designs like the Oxford wingtip are ideal for casual and less formal gatherings. 

Things to Remember Before Wearing Wingtip Shoes

Now, you must know that wingtip shoes have two different types. The most wingtips are brogued. It entails that the decorative stitches extend from the toecap to other places. On the other hand, many wingtips feature wing design that meets at the back of the shoe. 

Some wingtip shoes use a two-tone color scheme, and others have one color. You might want to consider this option as well. 

As you read from above, there is a rule when wearing wingtip shoes. A full brogue is ideal for less formal events since it is more decorative than the rest. If you need a pair of wingtip shoes for dressy dinner but not for high-formality settings, select between a quarter and semi brogues. 

Always remember not to wear wingtip for formal business settings, black-tie events, and even in funerals. It will only clash with tux and business suits. You can pair these shoes with slacks, sports coats, jeans, and casual shirts. 

Should You Buy One? 

A good pair of shoes is a great investment. It does not matter whether the footwear is for formal or casual settings. Thus, if you don’t have a pair of excellent shoes for casual events, then get one of the best wingtip Oxford shoes this year, the Bruno Marc Dream Pairs. 

Bruno Marc is a well-established manufacturer of aesthetic and durable classic Oxford shoes. And one of their best versions of wingtip shoes is Dream Pairs. It received an average to excellent ratings from buyers. If you want to try this shoe, here are the things you can expect from it:

  • Lightweight
  • Has durable wooden heels
  • Features non-skid outsole
  • Extremely comfortable cushioned footbed
  • Available in a wide array of colors

Do you want to learn more about Oxford shoes? If yes, go to Comfortable Dress Shoes. This platform offers detailed product reviews of top-seller classic dress shoes in the market. Likewise, this source will teach you how to look for the best shoes with great value for money. 

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