Tips in Finding the Best Slow Cooker in the Market

People who love to cook find it necessary to have a slow cooker at home. A slow cooker is also known as a crock-pot for other families. A lot of cooking inconveniences can be avoided if you have a slow cooker. You can avoid dealing with a pile of dishes after eating, keeping a close eye to your food to keep it from burning, and staying close to the oven or stove most of the time.

A slow cooker can slowly cook your food at a low temperature, hence the name. It might mean that you can plan to start dinner immediately, but it also means that you do not have to exert a lot of effort to come up with delicious meals.

If you are wondering what kind of slow cooker would be perfect for the needs of your family, you can check out the guide below.

What are the four types of slow cookers?

1. Roaster Oven

This kind of slow cooker is typically larger and has a rectangular shape, unlike other slow cookers that have an oval shape. A roaster oven can function similarly to roast cookers, but it can allow you to choose from different options and also has more adjustable settings.

This kitchen gadget is mostly used for roasting meat. But you can also use it for cooking other meals that you usually make in the slow cooker.

2. Multi-Cooker

If your home has a limited kitchen space, you might consider buying this multi-cooker to save you counter space. Since the industry has realized that kitchens need something that can be used for several purposes, they have started creating multi-cookers.

There are slow cookers that you can also use as a steamer, roaster, rice cooker, and pressure cooker. Due to the multiple functions of the multi-cooker, you will find that it will give you an advantage. However, you should also consider that you would have to pay more for this kind of appliance.

3. Programmable Slow Cookers

A programmable slow cooker has a unique feature, which is a timer. You can set the time, and it will automatically power off. Moreover, some programmable slow cookers can even allow you to choose a specific temperature, not just high and low.

Compared to a manual slow cooker, this one is more expensive because of the additional feature. It has become popular in the market because of the convenience that the timer feature can offer.

4. Manual Slow Cookers

From the name itself, manual slow cookers require you to shut it down manually. It might be an easy task to flip the switch when you are done. However, for some people who would like to leave their food in the slow cooker while they sleep and do other chores, it can be an inconvenience.

If you are thinking about your budget, you can choose this manual slow cooker because it is the most affordable in the market. It is also straightforward to use and does not have a lot of controls that you need to learn.

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