Useful Tourist Tips: How to Avoid Getting Scammed When Touring in Europe

Europe is everybody’s dream travel destination – the Eifel Tower and cafés in Paris, the iconic Colosseum and St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, the Canals in Venice, the Buckingham Palace and the Big Ben in London, and more countries and regions are waiting for you to visit.

However, just like in many other countries, you can be robbed and scammed in those first world countries too.

If you are planning to stroll in the streets of Paris, get a good drink of wine in Italy, and have fun taking pictures with the famous Buckingham Palace guards in London next year, but of getting scammed during your dream vacation at one of the countries mentioned, here are useful travel tips that you need to know on how to avoid getting scammed when touring in Europe.

Tip #1: Don’t be too trusting to strangers

Meeting new people in a new place is one of the joys of traveling; however, being too comfortable with strangers can be a great horror that could put your life at risk. So, put your trusting nature aside and act smart when you are in a new place, even if it is the famous cities and countries in Europe.

Here are two famous tricks that scammers would do in most famous streets in every country in Europe:

  • The lost ring

Someone would trick you that a found ring will give you luck and would ask you to buy it or while you are distracted an accomplice will steal your wallet.

  • A found wallet

Someone will claim that they have found your wallet only to let the scammers know where exactly your wallet is.

Tip #2: Secure your essentials

When touring in cities of Italy or Barcelona or London or any country in Europe, make sure that all your essentials are secured. Leave your laptop and other valuables in your hotel or better yet in the hotel’s provided safe and bring the items that you need when you tour; for instance:

  • Bring your wallet
  • A copy of your passport if possible.
  • An identification
  • Your phone or your camera

Keep those items inside a well-secured backpack or a strap bag and carry the bag in front of you. Always keep the zippers closed with a lock or a twist tie. Be vigilant.

#3: Tour with a friend

If you are planning to feel your independence in touring a city or country alone, think again – it is neither wise nor safe, especially if it is your first time.

Countries in Europe may have strong civil force when it comes to securing the tourists; however, bad things can happen anytime, especially when you are alone. So, make sure to tour with a friend or explore a city or country in Europe with a tour guide from an honest and trusted tour or travel company.

More Tips

Europe has the best countries to have a vacation; however, like in many other countries outside Europe, there are scammers too, so be smart and vigilant when strolling. Also, plan your vacation and stop looking for too good to be true deals from unknown travel companies.

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