Weight Bench: Are you Using it Correctly?

A weight bench is one of the fundamental workout equipment for strength training. It provides the necessary support to perform exercises that centers on developing core muscles and power. 

You’ll often see weight benches in the gym, but you can also have one at home. If you’ve got enough space to transform it into a home gym, make sure not to forget installing a weight bench. 

Benches vary in type; some are flat, while other versions are upright that resembles a narrow chair with high padded backs. Likewise, some models of weight benches are adjustable so you can have it inclined or in an upright position as you desire.

If you are currently searching for the best folding weight bench models for home gym, or currently has one, the first thing you need to know is to figure out how to use the equipment. Many beginners make the mistake of using the equipment right out of the box without learning how to use it correctly. If you are new to this equipment, below are some tips to help you get started with weight benches.

Step 1: Check the Angle of the Bench

For chest exercises, incline the bench a few degrees. Make sure the angle is enough to work the upper chest and the muscle fibers in this region. Meanwhile, lower the angle for a few degrees to work on the lower chest. Be warned that inclining the bench to high can cause back and shoulder joint injury. Thus make sure the bench is inclined correctly.

Step 2: Keep the Bench Upright for Overhead Lifts and Bicep Curls

Use the weight bench as a support when working out your biceps and performing overhead lifts. This position will prevent you from cheating. Also, it provides good support and protection for your back.

Step 3: Follow Correct Body Positioning

When working out on the bench, try to keep your feet flat on the floor or flat on the bench. Never lift or put up your feet in the air, especially for beginners. Such a position is unstable and might scratch your stomach. Keeping your feet planted on the floor will provide you enough equilibrium, support, and protection.

Step 4: Use Weights

Take note that the function of weight benches is only to support weight-lifting exercises. You can’t perform other types of training on a weight bench, such as step aerobics. Furthermore, it is a mistake to use a weight bench to lift weights and dumbells heavier than 30 pounds.

Step 5: Ask a Professional 

There are various workouts you can try on a weight bench. However, not all of these exercises are fit for beginners. You have to consult a gym instructor or someone who is a professional in this area. They can teach you the best exercise programs for beginners. Moreover, following the advice of professionals will reduce risks to injury.

More Advice

Aside from learning how to use a weight bench correctly, you have to choose the best quality equipment to ensure safe strength and power training. You can go to helpful online sources to find out the most trusted weight bench brands this 2020.

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